Our Platform


– A Universal Basic Income system sustained by corporate taxes.

– Paid sick leave, overtime after an 8-hour work day, and guaranteed paid vacation time.

– Significant paid parental leave time.

– The right of all employees to organize and collectively bargain via unions.

– Universal and comprehensive child day care for all families regardless of income.

– Returning the progressive tax code to Eisenhower-era levels.

– Regulations that encourage “insourcing” jobs, particularly in manufacturing.

– Transparency and full debate on all trade agreements.

– Preventing unilateral tariffs on the basis of country of origin of manufacture without humanitarian cause.

– Eliminating loopholes that permit corporations to create offshore tax havens.

– Ending “corporate welfare” and breaking up corporations that are “too big to fail”.

– Major infrastructure programs to repair and replace our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

– The creation of cooperative worker- and community-owned businesses.

– Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

– Recognizing the limitations inherent in neoliberalism and the commodification of basic human needs.


– Protecting our springs, rivers, and other natural resources.

– Preventing all oil and gas drilling in and offshore of Florida, including a ban of fracking.

– Prohibition of energy extraction waste disposal in Florida from all sources.

– Increase the availability and efficiency of mass transportation at a low or no-cost to users.

– Increase incentives to design and build LEED buildings for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

– Increase incentives to develop and use more efficient renewable energies.

– Making environmental impact a primary consideration in the determination of infrastructure development.

– Programs that would effectively combat climate change.

– Implementation of a national Carbon Tax.

– Expanded and strengthened enforcement by environmental regulatory agencies.

– Protection and expansion of the state and national park systems.

– Ending the preferential treatment of profits over the rights of the people and the environment.

– Ensure that farm subsidies reward environmental sustainability, not encourage destructive practices

Voting Rights

– Full voting rights for all citizens including reformed felons.

– Fair, compact, and independently drawn districts.

– Campaign finance reform including eliminating Citizens United and SuperPACs.

– Open primary elections.

– Adoption of alternative voting systems.

– Making election day a federal holiday.

– Automatic registration of all voters at the age of 18.

– 10+ year prohibitions on former representatives to lobby their former bodies.

– Prohibiting department leaders to have financial interests in that field.

– Reinstating of the Fairness Doctrine and Equal Time Rule.

Civil Rights

– Medical rehabilitation instead of incarceration for most nonviolent drug offenders.

– Ending mandatory minimum sentencing.

– Ending the use of private jails and prisons.

– Ending the death penalty.

– Comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship.

– Net neutrality and equal access to the internet.

– The right of every person to affordable and decent housing.

– Creative reuse of abandoned properties to reduce homelessness.

– Full repeal of “Stand Your Ground” and preventing “Open Carry” laws.

– Gun reforms including universal background check laws and closing the gun show loophole.

– Ending the militarization of our police forces.

– Ending government surveillance without appropriate and open judicial oversight.

– Advocating peaceful solutions to existing conflicts as well as mitigating developing conflicts.

– Diplomacy and non-military aid to stabilize distressed societies and diffuse conflicts.

– Ending the use of torture and other “enhanced interrogation” techniques.

– Closing Guantanamo Bay and transferring remaining detainees to facilities within the US.

– Increased congressional and judicial oversight of drone programs.

– Repeal of the PATRIOT Act.

– Enforcement of the 1973 War Powers Resolution.

– Native tribal nations in their fight against all exploitation.

– Peaceful resolution of Jewish and Arab states focused on shared theocratic and economic oppression.


– The right of women to make their own reproductive health care decisions.

– Expanding funding of Title X family planning programs including, but not limited to, Planned Parenthood.

– The removal of marijuana from the list of outlawed drugs.

– Comprehensive health care as a right including mental health, dental, vision, and long-term care.

– The importation of low-cost prescription drugs.

– Imposing limits on hospital and pharmaceutical markups and fees for goods, services, and research.

– Expanding social service coverage including WIC and SNAP.

– Fully funding and expanding The Department of Veterans Affairs.

– Ending the military survivor’s penalties when they become eligible for Social Security and Medicare.


– Equitable per-pupil and school spending across school districts.

– Enforcement of the classroom size amendment.

– Comprehensive school curriculums including STEM, arts, foreign languages, and recess.

– Teacher’s rights to tenure.

– Eliminating teacher pay being tied to pupil performance.

– Funding our public schools rather than voucher programs and charter schools.

– Policies that greatly reduce or eliminate the burden of student loan debt.

– De-corporatization and de-monopolization of education and student testing industries.

– Tuition-free access to all two- and four-year public colleges and universities.

– Ending discrimination including, race, religion, gender, orientation, and identity/expression.