The mission of the Democratic Progressive Caucus is:

  • To advance progressive candidacies
  • To promote progressive legislation and
  • To provide outreach to the progressive community on issues.

The Democratic Progressive Caucus will:

  • Mobilize grassroots progressives in the political process
  • Empower grassroots progressives in building the Party
  • Organize the progressive community and represent the voices of grassroots progressive people around Florida
  • Recruit, represent and intensify the voices of grassroots progressive activists
  • Work at local levels to build a progressive bench of candidates
  • Support progressive candidates and legislators through education and fundraising
  • Strengthen the Florida Democratic Party and help to elect Democrats
  • Work to ensure that elected officials are held accountable to the voters
  • Advocate by providing input into the process for the appointment of progressive candidates to government boards, commissions and other similar bodies
  • Advocate by promoting and preparing progressive candidates for appointment to government boards, commissions and other similar bodies
  • Advocate for progressive solutions to the challenges confronting Florida
  • Advocate and promote progressive legislation through education, community organizing, and direct action
  • Encourage and help the Florida Democratic Party pursue more progressive policies
  • Strengthen the Democratic Party by promoting the progressive values of justice, equality, freedom, opportunity, diversity, inclusion, and security
  • Engage progressive Florida voters by acting as a medium to communicate their issues
  • Educate Florida voters about progressive positions and analysis on issues, and
  • Build a more just and humane society